Meet the Ahstudio team

Antonin Michaud-Soret

Founder / Film Director / DOP / Producer

From the office to the set, Antonin is a film director passionnated about mountains. He’s also the crew manager, DOP and joke master.

Thomas Schira

Co-founder / Camera operator / DOP

Tehnical adviser of the crew, he’ll make every shooting issue a challenge. Building special Rig to hang lighting deep in the jungle? He’s the man.

Robin Montrau

Camera operator / DOP / Camera assistant

Hunting sunsets, setting season time-lapses and running in the woods are Robin’s hobbies. He’s the bushman of the crew.

Editor Crew

Editing / FX / Motion Design / Color Correction

Dr. Knock, Nibor and Caroline offer us a powerful ability to face different projects at the same time. They will gladly quit their cosy Belgian studios to come with us on the set