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For four years, Ahstudio Filmmakers has been striving to take up technical shooting challenges while keeping a creative approach and an artistic coherence. We consider any shooting as a novelty, an opportunity to film new sceneries and to go further in our visual research, whether it’s a road trip documentary, a product advert, a brand spirit clip, or an event recording. We always offer our customers a total commitment in any project, from creating the concept to ensuring the broadcasting, making the website and support their promotion.

Our company is born in 2011 from the desire of three mountain, photography and cinema lovers to work together. Antonin Michaud-Soret, designer and photographer, offered Thomas Schira, cinematographer for feature movies, and Robin Knok, cinema editor, to follow him for some paragliding shooting in Spain with Redbull athlete Marvin Ogger. Since then, we have been working with a complete shooting and postproduction crew. The diversity in the team give us the potential to respond in a 
proactive way to our client demands and our gear consistently updated offer them a true cinema quality.

Travelling and meeting people is both a way of life and a perpetual source of inspiration. After many kilometers done around the world and many changes of altitude, we strive to adapt our gaze around us. Time is not an issue; we know how long it takes to catch scenery in the right light from the right point of view. The landscapes we’ve crossed matter as much as the way we’ve looked at them.

The experience we have acquired during those trips
 has helped us build strong relationships with our partners, in whom we have total confidence, and steered us towards specific quality professional equipment. Since 2011 we are also proud to work along with them to develop their gear:

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